microsoft's windows 10 anniversary update features this july


Microsoft is getting ready for an anniversary update by the end of July? 

 Microsoft's  most anticipated operating system is even getting better.Company announced threshold 1 of Redstone builds in the form of anniversary update by the last week of july. Microsoft promised further enhancement of its successfully running operating system windows 10.The people who were running on preview builds are already enjoying the features of Redstone builds.

Features of latest Anniversary update:-

Revamped start menu,action center and toast notifications,Cortana more language support and new look,improvements in Microsoft edge,also improvements to its products like Xbox and Hololens with software expansion. Microsoft main intention is affable user interface.

Detailed information on features:-

start menu:-

Techgaint improves the start menu user interface in recent preview builds,Microsoft practicing modern designs with navigation in start menu with hamburger button on top left,user signature is assigned at the bottom end followed by settings and power buttons.

On the other hand tablet view undergoes significant changes matching the regular start menu.

Live tiles:-

Microsoft hints a new type of live tiles called "chaseable live tiles" which allows to click directly on the information instead of opening the entire app.

Action center:-

In fact we can think the main intention of anniversary update is to change action center entirely.Action center in latest builds automatically syncs across all type of devices even on android with the new feature called"notification mirroring".Notification mirroring also helps in dismissing the apps across all devices which was called "universal dismissing".

Microsoft is also allowing 'get app'notification in action center in the context of knowing the people about app availability.


The latest Cortana update enables Cortana to settle on lock screen,with some bluer background,it helps to perform "hey cortana" functions even from the lock screen with some settings enabled in Cortana settings. Cortana also understands natural conversations and can include additional information,allows more apps accessing through voice commands.

Microsoft edge:-

Meanwhile Microsoft edge brings extension support,which helps users to access the apps directly from store not by opening website.Edge is also going to support bio metric authentication, web notification can be accessed in action center.

windows ink:-

Microsoft made promise to increases pen support,which company is calling as "windows ink".As apart of improvements the update will includes ink work space with inclusion of sketch pads,sticky notes.User can sketch the information where Cortana can turn it as remainder.

Bash feature on windows:-

Microsoft includes bash shell for making developers work easier. Microsoft partner with 'canonical(Ubuntu creators)' to expand command line capabilities by adding native bash support for Linux commands.

Windows mobile integration:-

With the new update user can directly make and answer call by using PC,also some continuum improvements for perfect alignment of mobile like your PC.

Task bar notifications:-

The updates features notification badges.However this will functions only on universal apps.

As far our information the update will lands in the last week of July.While Microsoft also planned compilation of threshold build 2 at the same time,which was already planned for the fourth quarter of this year.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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