why Windows phone is a failure?


Windows phone user experience from past 3 years !

Microsoft Former CEO Steve Ballmer's much anticipated windows phone operating system fails to accomplish the companies strategy. In this article we discuss the windows phone experience from the past 3 years as a daily driver and concludes the the glitching points of companies windows phone failure.

Starting from Windows phone 8 :-

After the successful bought of Nokia's mobile division, company launches windows phone 8 with promised upgrades in future. Meanwhile the handsets started to receive upgrades for every six months as in the form of firmware upgrades. Microsoft tried hard to increase the UI for the maximum extent so far.

First firm ware upgrade to hit windows phone 8 was AMBER, this firmware packed with enhanced connectivity options with slightly increased UI interface but the most important task of killing applications were absent in Amber firmware,this bought frustration  among windows phone 8 users.

After the AMBER the next upgrade set to windows phone 8 was Black upgrade in this company announced killing of applications by dragging them to the bottom,this feature bring some Silence in angry windows phone users. Microsoft shown its commitment towards windows phone by announcing windows phone 8.1 upgrade serially with windows 8.1 upgrade.

Windows phone upgrade brought some serious and most need features like Notification panel named as Action center in windows phone 8.1 with re-sizable 3 column tiles experience this features made windows mobile to stand as third best operating system leaving  BLACKBERRY operating system.

After the significant changes through windows phone 8.1 company further tried to Enhance the user experience by announcing CYAN firmware upgrade.In this upgrade company bought some most asked features like selection of tiles background image and inclusion of Data toggle in the Action Center. Cyan upgrade also bags up with spectacular imaging and camera applications from Nokia like lumia camera and lumia refocus and Lumia smart sequence and more.

Certain high end mobiles like Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixel of camera launches with default CYAN firm ware. The Hard ware of those devices with new camera applications from Nokia made Windows phone market to grow. Also certain Low end devices like LUMIA 520 were populared with Lumia Cyan upgrade.

The next Upgrade to made available to windows phone 8.1 with CYAN was Lumia DENIM firm ware upgrade.In this upgrade Microsoft made clubbing of applications in to a single tile like the similar App drawer feature in ANDROID with certain battery improvements to the devices. At last Microsoft made a serious alternator to ANDROID and IOS in terms of operating system.

Techgiant also introduces CORTANA(alpha) truly a first digital voice assistant which can understand natural languages,the features of Cortana had even challenges Voice assistant of  iPhone operating system Siri.

BUT Microsoft fails in drawing the attention of developers in making the quality applications in the store. Though the company shown increment in applications in store those were less Quality and un-usable. There is not support from Google for important social applications like youtube, google-plus and even GMAIL. All these upgrades and less applications made windows phone as a confusion operating system.

REVIEW of windows phone user experience:-

I even confused to windows phone experience from the starting Windows 8 upgrades,but slowly I came to known the best Of windows phone. Mostly the camera features had made so thrilled, the most loving part of windows phone was its live tile experience which shows automatic news and schedules on the tiles. Also it has some easy email functionalities from Microsoft  even there is no support from GOOGLE.

Also i can say that windows phone's are less power hungry when compared to Android and ios  devices. The UI is very smooth to operate which cannot be experiences in fellow operating systems. The most important thing was the device made in self defense system which cannot be effected by any malware's and hacking unless the devices like Android. Camera wise windows phones are still running in top position.


There is less quality of applications in windows store some of them are really un-usable. A person who users social applications cannot use effectively, even certain important applications like INSTAGRAM were not fully present in the store. UI can make some one less promising.


Microsoft had made hurry-bury decision in launching its windows phone even before of it is fully featured. The un conditional upgrades and less quality of applications  in the store might have created confusion among consumers in picking up a windows phone.This made fall in windows phone market share to less than  percentage globally in the last quarter.

Microsoft had even Announces Universal windows app store in its Successful running operating system windows 10 to force developers to develop applications in windows store. Let us hope windows mobile 10  could bring the life of third most mobile operating system.

For more updates on Windows 10 mobile stay tuned !

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